Sandcastle Billiards is honored to host Accu-Stats Video Productions and the Aramith/Simonis Areana in our facility! (Pictured below)

Click the following link to watch the live stream of the weekly Wednesday Night Game Show or Special Events being held in the Aramith/Simonis Arena via Accu-Stats Video Productions at Sandcastle!

Pat Fleming is an American professional pocket billiards player and the founder of Accu-Stats Video Productions. Fleming is the fifty-third inductee into the Billiard Congress of America's Hall of Fame, recognized in the Meritorious Service category on June 12, 2008. His Total Performance Average statistical analysis is a standard metric for professional performance.

Pat Fleming played straight pool in the 1970s and early 1980s. He has made many contributions to cue sport, but his most notable contributions is the creation and continuing development of Accu-Stats Video Productions. Accu-Stats has been videotaping more than 1,000 tournament matches and preserved performances by the world’s greatest pool and billiards players since the mid-1980s. Fleming started the enterprise to document matches for statistical analysis. (An Accu-Stats Total Performance Average is now a widely known and recognized measure of pool performance levels.) Fleming started to offer videotapes of those famous performances and players for sale to players and fans of pocket billiards. Today, the VHS tapes and DVDs are invaluable as entertainment and training tools, along with the most complete video record of two generations of famous pool players.

Visit for more info and to order PPV events or videos from their vast archive of pool history!

Here is what could be in store for you when you enter the gameshow...

Here is an international professional challenge match..


Refer to the chart below when reserving seats for major events. Thank you!